Door stops & Accesories

We offer range of accessories from Halliday + Baillie and our suppliers in Germany, Italy, and England. These are items that are often forgotten on site but can make a huge difference to function and the final fix. Items such as door stops, coat hooks, cable boxes, bell pushes etc can provide the finishing touch to your project.

HB1136 Floor mount door stop

FSB 9865 Cable port

HB 440 Coat hook

HB 710 Magnetic door stop

Magnetic Door Stops

The Halliday + Baillie floor-mounted HB 710 Round Door Stop provides a compact modern solution for when a mechanical hold open function is required. The door-mounted steel Keeper is finished to match and nests perfectly into the disc magnet for a secure holding force.

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Cable Ports

FSB cable ports are highly engineered, and ideal for desk tops, media centres, and joinery, or for installation in flooring where cabling is required to centralised open plan areas.
Ports are available in a number of anodised finishes and four depths depending on the cabinetry or floor thickness.

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Door Stops

Very Simple contemporary floor mount door stop made in Italy.
Satin chrome silver with rich black high density rubber.

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