Stair & Window Hardware

Halliday + Baillie have developed an innovative range of stair rail brackets made from aluminium, and 316 stainless steel.

HB 540 Stair rail Bracket

HB1091 Telescopic window stay

HB 400 & HB 401 Window handle

HB 522 Glass fixing kit

Stair Rail Brackets

This image shows the HB 520 stair rail bracket on a glass wall using the HB 522 glass fixing kit.

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Window Handles

The HB400 and HB401 Window Handles are designed for use with aluminium, timber, or steel joinery.
These can be used on both side or top hung (awning) windows in various configurations as shown below. For use with weather seals additional packers are available in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses.
For double windows with no central mullion extended tongues can be made on request.

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Window Stays

Designed with a simplicity of function, and milled from solid brass with a quarter turn restrictor.
The HB1092 Telescopic Restrictor Stay provides simple, effective window control for safety and compliance limiting opening to 100mm.
Note: The HB 1091 is the sister product with 300mm telescopic ability.

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